Introducing PlastiLoop: the circular polymer solution!

Today, Veolia launches its answer to the plastic revolution with PlastiLoop, the sustainable circular polymer solution.

What is PlastiLoop?

With over 30 years of experience in plastic recycling, Veolia is proud to announce the launch of PlastiLoop, which offers a unique range of recycled resins and ready-to-use circular polymers. PlastiLoop provides bespoke solutions for the substitution of virgin resins for an array of industries, ensuring the end-products meet quality and compliance standards, as well as functional requirements for the client.


Why are circular polymers important?

To achieve Ecological Transformation, we must reduce emissions across industries, optimise and secure our resources and in turn, decrease pollution. Additionally, for your business, increasing recycled materials within your supply and product chains is crucial to creating a circular economy, whilst helping to reach your sustainability targets and meet consumer demand.

The new PlastiLoop offer brings together all our technical and commercial expertise in recycled plastics to provide our customers with the best possible support with customized solutions. As a global champion of ecological transformation, through this offer, Veolia is creating more outlets for recycled material and promoting the structuring of this sector worldwide.
Estelle Brachlianoff
CEO of Veolia

Who does PlastiLoop help?

At present, PlastiLoop caters for 7 industries worldwide where in each, plastic compound applications are aligned to their end-use, ensuring the products are fully adapted to the client’s and industry’s specifications.


From food grade bottles to flower pots to car components and home appliances, PlastiLoop can provide them accordingly. To find out more about PlastiLoop and how it can help your business, visit our PlastiLoop website at

  • Packaging

  • Automotive

  • Textiles

  • Building & Construction

  • Home & Appliances

  • Industrial & Logistics

  • Agriculture


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