Making your recycling process more transparent

In this increasingly environmentally conscious age, customers are expecting more and more from businesses in terms of sustainability.

Not only do they expect innovative recycling solutions, they want to be sure that recycling routes are responsible, with waste being treated locally.

Procycle could help

Our new Procycle solution aims to tackle the dual problem of recycling as many materials as possible, and making sure that the recycling process is as transparent as possible. We are providing bespoke solutions to businesses for recycling their difficult to dispose of items, and ensuring that this process is sustainable and supportive of the circular economy.

Keeping it local

We have all seen the news about scandals involving recyclable waste being shipped across the globe, and the negative impact that these stories have on the brands associated. This is why the Procycle scheme is utilising our vast network of UK recycling partners, and only outsourcing to Europe when a suitable UK partner cannot be identified.


We will treat waste as close to home as possible, to support the local circular economy as well as local jobs and the growth of the recycling sector in all areas. This means that when a customer uses Procycle to recycle your product at the end of its life, they can rest assured that it won't be travelling thousands of miles before being treated, minimising the carbon footprint.


Getting the facts right

Another concern is whether waste is truly getting recycled, and what the next life of that waste could be. When customers use Procycle, we can provide assurance that all uncontaminated materials will be recycled. We can even provide information on the quantity recycled, the contamination rate and the end use of materials.

A cost-effective and innovative solution to handle hard to recycle materials, such as sweet and lolly wrappers, healthcare bottles, paper and plastic drinks straws, plastic toys and clothing.

Trials, no tribulations

How do we ensure that all of this is possible for your business and your product? We always conduct initial trials to determine the best solution for you, and to ensure that we create the most efficient, sustainable recycling route for your product or packaging. As part of these trials, we will provide regular, detailed reports to show you exactly where the waste is going and how it is being treated.


The transparency that we have with businesses mirrors the transparency that customers experience, ensuring that Procycle is established as a real sustainable solution rather than a quick fix to improving your environmental image.

Find out more

Get in touch for more information on how Procycle could be the solution to your recycling needs.

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