Circular Economy

Our innovative products supporting a circular economy

We support a circular economy where materials are reused and remanufactured as standard, products are designed to last longer and sustainability is an integral part of our lives.

The circle of materials illustrates our efforts to preserve resources and cut carbon and showcases some of our most innovative products.

Circular Economy Materials
Cyclone TFR

1. Cyclone TFR

Our Traffic Film Remover is produced from waste detergent not suitable for sale. Every litre of waste detergent is reformulated into seven litres of new high-performance auto wash.

Wood Chips

2. Wood Chips

Recycled wood is shredded and used as biomass fuel or recycled into chipboard.

PET Flakes

3. Coloured PET Flakes

We convert plastic fizzy drinks and water bottles into recycled products by a process of washing, flaking and pelleting.

Bag 2 Bag Pellets

4. Bag 2 Bag Pellets

Eight billion plastic bags are used in England every year, often ending up in landfill or as litter. We collect these used bags, which are shredded, washed and melted to form pellets. These pellets are blown into bubbles of plastic film to form new bags.

Plastic Flakes

5. Plastic Flakes

Using advanced technology, we sperate plastics by their different polymer types. These are turned into flakes and used to manufacture products like pipes and garden furniture.


6. Pro-Fibre

We extract paper from household waste streams, remove contaminants and turn it into a pulp that can be used again to manufacture products like egg boxes.

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