Veolia UK _ Planet Magazine Issue 19

This mortal soil:

remediation and conservation

Soil remediation: an issue for feeding the planet and addressing climate change.

In a context of global warming, unprecedented demographic growth, and reduced and impoverished arable land, Humanity will have to meet the twofold challenge of food and housing.

Find out more in Planet, with Eduardo Mansur and Antoine Frérot in conversation.

Land take due to urbanization represents one of the leading global threats to soil. We find this phenomenon in both developed and developing countries.

Eduardo Mansur


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  • Frontline
    Remediating highly sought-after brownfields
  • Outfront
    Reconquering land
  • Explainer
    When soil changes use...  
  • Futurist
    Aquaponics: a budding solution to feed cities


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