Veolia UK _ Power Cuts Highlight Brittle Energy System

Power Cuts Highlight Frailties In Our Brittle Energy System

Recent power cuts leave nearly 1 million consumers without power

This disruption caused by loss of power through our brittle energy system should serve as a wake-up call to address the management of our energy assets.

The clock is ticking for our planet and the UK's legal net-zero timeline. Achieving net-zero means thinking differently to how we generate, use and reuse energy. However, with solutions available, does the challenge lie in ensuring businesses recognise the potential as well as the urgency and of course the environment?

Why executives need to get up-to-speed

By working with customers, Snowglobe, Veolia's Specialist Energy Consultancy Service can create new revenue streams while protecting businesses from fluctuations in energy pricing.

Snowglobe recently worked across 17 sites for a major UK company that provides waste management services. 

Across 17 sites, our specialists introduced an intelligent IT solution that remotely triggers co-ordinated reductions in energy consumption without affecting normal operations. The software monitors and manages energy-using equipment such as conveyor belts, shredders and compressors – and even the heating and lighting in non-essential areas. 

Snowglobe proved to National Grid that the system was effective and the customer is now paid a monthly fee from the grid for reducing its energy load during higher-than-expected UK demand. In fact, National Grid pays out about £1bn for such contracts within the energy capacity market. While the lion’s share goes to power plants, there’s cash for companies prepared to reduce their electricity consumption to help reduce overall demand on the grid.

This new regime doesn’t just earn money. The software also turns down certain equipment for periods when the cost of electricity is more expensive. This happened around 20 times last winter, reducing energy bills but not, crucially, impacting on operations.

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Julien Amouyal

With over eight years’ experience covering a variety of environmental roles in consulting, engineering design, business development and M&A. Julien has been responsible for delivering more than 120MW of renewable energy initiatives, ranging from wind, biomass, co-generation of heat and power, EV, solar and battery storage.

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