Safe and compliant infection control and treatment following COVID-19 lockdown

The COVID-19 crisis poses a significant risk to health from infectious, air-bourne droplets and contact with surfaces that risks permanent exposure to the virus.

To limit exposure, it’s important to respond quickly and efficiently, in particular by controlling the disease and treating the environment in line with UK Public Health Guidelines.

Hand sanitisers and disinfectants have provided essential relief to workers and members of the public by eradicating traces of the virus on the go. However, as we return to work, should we all consider disinfection and sanitisation of public and communal spaces for peace of mind?

Disinfection provides essential reassurance to your staff and the public and eliminates the spread of infection, especially in places where people come into contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. Important steps to reduce the spread of infection include wiping surfaces, disinfecting wider touchpoint areas and guaranteeing in-house, closed-loop destruction of waste to minimise further contamination. 

Although public health and safety remains the priority, it’s important to minimise impact on the environment from the cleaning and disinfection process where possible. Defra-approved biocides/virucide agents are the best option for guaranteed disinfection. Not only does this guarantee a 10,000-fold reduction of virus transmission, but it also minimises environmental impact as the solution is biodegradable. 

As we move towards a transition back to work, school and communal life, we must follow best-practice to ensure we limit future risk. If you would like to find out more about infection control and treatment, please fill out the below form for further details.