Time to clean up your act this Clean Air Day?

We have all become more aware of the invisible threats in our environment this year, we have seen the introduction of obvious changes designed to protect us, such as one way systems and protective screens.

Is now the perfect time to start thinking about other positive changes, namely improving the air quality in your workplace?


The invisible problem

Vehicle emissions and industrial fumes are just two factors which can cause a negative impact on the air we breathe when we're outdoors. However, poor ventilation practices and building materials mean that often when we're inside, these problems are exacerbated, yet indoor air quality is often overlooked.

Companies are increasingly focusing on employee wellbeing, but often neglect to consider the risks associated with poor indoor air quality, such as sick building syndrome (SBS). This can cause fatigue and headaches, which also means lower productivity. Long term exposure to poor air quality can even lead to respiratory conditions and even more serious illnesses.


Clean Air Day 2020

This year's Clean Air Day, taking place on 8th October, has come at a perfect time to bring the focus onto improving indoor air quality. As more and more people are looking to adapt and upgrade the workplace to make it a safer and healthier place for employees, visitors, and customers, it's a good time to think about improving the quality of the air you are breathing. As health and wellbeing have become more important than ever in 2020, clean air solutions are a good starting point.


How can Veolia help?

We can start by auditing the current air quality in your building so you know exactly where you stand - we can then develop a complete improvement plan based on the results. This can encompass purification solutions, analytics and real time monitoring of key building pollutants. We can offer a bespoke solution that fits perfectly with your business needs and is easy to maintain.


Contact us to find out more about how we can help to improve the health and wellbeing of your staff, whilst saving your business money.  Our experts are always on hand to deal with your request.


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