Are you still green about net zero beyond sustainability?


Many parcel delivery, courier and logistics companies have the ambition to be net-zero. It means tackling millions of tonnes of emissions from their operations, as well as reducing the carbon intensity of the products and services they deliver. But while many view sustainable operations as a purely altruistic cause, we believe it should be valued in the same way as financial drivers and business growth.

The problem is, many logistics companies are adding net zero to their long term strategies, but simply not incorporating the 'how do they get there' objectives into their business activities. That often means that energy, water and waste operations and the environmental impacts of these activities are overlooked in the pursuit of quick wins. For example, managers may neglect energy reduction targets altogether in favour of seeing instant savings by reducing more obvious procurement and operational costs.

Sustainable city


By advocating closed-loop thinking, businesses can go a long way to achieving their sustainability ambitions and cost-reduction objectives. Recycling materials, using greener power and saving energy aren't just activities to achieve net zero; they can also deliver substantial savings that will boost the bottom line, and build financial resilience.

There are a number of solutions that can contribute to your net zero ambitions, such as utilising your logistics infrastructure to backhaul waste materials to generate significant rebates. Or using by-products and diverting waste from landfill into alternative treatment facilities to generate electricity into the grid. Or even by optimising energy use to meet peaks and troughs in demand. All these solutions generate financial savings as well as contributing to net zero targets.


Data and sustainability need to go hand in hand, real-time data insights can lead to more informed decisions regarding your net zero goals. We can support your corporate social responsibility objectives with a wide range of innovative services that are designed to capture correct data and provide real-time insights into your business. From benchmarking and data capture through ViBE and Customer Hub, to improving energy efficiency throughout your operations with Hubgrade, or using GreenPath to monitor and deliver real reductions in your carbon footprint.


Why is it important? A sustainable, closed-loop business strategy won't just reduce all kinds of waste. It could eliminate waste altogether. But to do that, net zero needs to be as high on your business agenda as possible. Calculating the cost of carbon is vital to operations as securing growth. That means thinking strategically about the long-term impacts of your businesses on the natural world.  And more importantly, acting now.


Whether you'd like a site audit for your energy, water and waste management, or need an accurate calculation of your carbon footprint for reporting purposes, we can help.
Our experts are always on hand to deal with your request.

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