BREFs: Make sure you're informed and prepared

As a business in the chemical sector, you will be aware of BREFs (Best Available Techniques Reference Documents), and the changes they have already brought into force. Make sure you stay informed and prepared for any future changes.

What's changed so far?

BREFs set out standards for emissions, water and more, and are part of the EU framework that the UK is currently still set to adhere to. They provide guidance as to how businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable. The tightening of effluent discharge content that has already taken place will have had an impact in the sector, necessitating an upgrade to wastewater treatment plants. But further changes and updates also need to be taken into account when planning any upgrades to your site, to maximise the benefit from your investment and avoid future penalties.

What needs to change in the future?

BREFs are far-reaching and are impacting industry across the board. Further standards will be coming in to decarbonise the sector, with energy efficiency targets set for 2025, as well as changes affecting hazardous waste treatment and disposal. However, changes don't need to be made straight away to prepare for the introduction of BREFs - when new equipment is installed or changes are made to your site, that's when you need to take them into account. BREFs act as triggers for making changes early, and are making businesses take action to reduce their carbon footprint earlier than they may have done otherwise.


How can Veolia support your business?

We can keep you updated on the latest developments concerning BREFs, how they affect your business and what you need to do to prepare. For example, we can help you to decarbonise your energy infrastructure by switching to greener energy options. For hazardous waste, we can support you to look at options for improved waste segregation and on-site treatment. We can recommend solutions appropriate to your site, and will support you to implement large-scale projects that enable your business to be prepared to meet BREFs' requirements.

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