Considering waste, energy AND water to meet sustainability targets

When thinking about meeting your business's sustainability targets, it's important to consider the three key elements of waste, energy, and water as one integrated strategy, rather than thinking about each one as a completely separate function.

Challenging targets

It can be easier said than done to address all aspects of your business' sustainability targets in one strategy. Particularly as legislation is becoming stricter, it can be difficult to ensure every aspect of your business is where you need it to be. There are also obligations to play your part in helping the UK achieve Net Zero, both to ensure you are fulfilling the role of a sustainable business and to make sure you don't get left behind in the eyes of consumers.

Another challenge can be making sure that sustainable solutions for one area of the business don't have an adverse effect on another. For example, treating a waste product to turn it into something new can increase energy consumption. For brands who are striving to be frontrunners when it comes to sustainability, it can be frustrating to be let down by certain areas.

Integrated approach

A strategy that considers all three key areas of waste, energy and water is crucial to ensuring that your business hits its sustainability targets. Veolia takes a data-driven approach to creating this strategy; we will analyse all three key services in your business and make suggestions for improvement.

As well as taking a site-specific approach, we will look at your business as a whole. Having that in-depth understanding will enable us to offer real, bespoke advice, not just generic solutions. We can take an even broader view and look at opportunities for you to partner not just with ourselves, but with other businesses, which will enable you to share facilities and resources, and maximise efficiency.

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What can we do for you?

We can analyse your waste streams to initially see where unnecessary waste can be eliminated, and then to find ways to reuse waste without having to either transport it over long distances or consume a huge amount of energy. Your energy can also be analysed by us, to find the perfect mix for your business that will balance reducing carbon emissions with cost-saving. We can look at water and how this fits in as part of a wider strategy, by minimising waste and consumption where possible.

Alongside this, we will keep you updated on all developments in terms of legislation, and make sure we advise you every step of the way.


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