Consistent support in a constantly evolving sector

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The pharmaceutical industry is one that never stands still. As we have seen during the pandemic, it's an industry that is able to quickly react to changing needs.

To make this possible, pharmaceutical companies need to work with suppliers who are able to support them as they evolve.

Meeting the needs of the future

In a sector driven by research and development, new products are constantly being developed, with processes having to be adapted accordingly. Each time a new product line is introduced, production processes need to be analysed, with safety and compliance the main priorities. Changes can also occur when sites decide to upgrade infrastructure in line with other areas of the site, or simply when they need to expand. Whatever changes are taking place, it's important to have the right partnerships in place to support you.

A leader in the pharmaceutical field

As the UK moves to an increasingly dominant position in the biochemical field, Veolia understands the challenges that companies may be facing. We can work in partnership with you as new facilities are developed, or as existing ones are improved or expanded, to make sure you are adopting the most sustainable, cost-efficient systems. By collaborating on the design and planning stages of projects, you will benefit from Veolia's vast industry experience as well as our commitment to sustainability; for example, we can work with you to integrate greener solutions such as heat pumps into your energy portfolio.

Our broad range of services means that we can support you across various areas as your sites evolve. This includes being able to implement on-site wastewater treatment; offering a Total Waste Management service to deal with complex waste streams; and much more. By working collaboratively with you to install new systems or infrastructure, you can rest assured that compliance is taken care of, with all required standards and regulations being met.

Distributed off-grid renewable energy solutions for your building, campus or even city. True energy resilience, means power generation that can carry on ‘Off-Grid,’ and without interruptions to your business or institutions daily operations.


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