Engaging staff in your recycling and sustainability aims

Your business may have sustainability strategies in place which promise to deliver cost savings, increase recycling rates and more. But if you don't engage staff at all levels of the business, it will be harder to turn your sustainability ambitions into reality.


Different priorities

Although you may be focused on developing sustainability strategies that will boost your business's green credentials whilst identifying cost savings, this will not be a priority for staff at site level. During busy shifts there will be little motivation for them to think about waste segregation. This includes segregating food waste, which may be a priority for key decision makers but is just another inconvenience for staff in the middle of a hectic shift.

In addition, we understand that your business may have fairly high staff turnover, so maintaining education levels can be a challenge. Induction processes will probably not feature training on segregating waste or understanding what goes in different containers, so there can be gaps in your staff's knowledge. They may not have an understanding of the importance of increasing recycling rates in the business, so it's important to communicate the cost impact of poor waste segregation.

A tailored approach

Every pub and restaurant business is different, and each one has different ways of communicating with its staff. It's important to utilise your existing resources and training materials to communicate the importance of segregating waste, so that it becomes part of your core internal communications rather than a standalone message. Likewise, implementing solutions on your sites is dependent on the individual needs of your business; any changes that you make need to complement existing processes.


This is where Veolia can help. As part of our partnership approach, we will consider how your business manages and communicates with its staff, and help you to integrate training on waste segregation into your existing training materials. We can support you to produce resources that will convey the message in a manner consistent with your other communications. In addition, there is a range of methods that can be introduced in your business to improve waste segregation and recycling rates, including simple things like new signage, or even incentive schemes, all of which we can support you to put in place.


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