Finding the funding to help your business become greener

Despite increasing pressure to focus on the environment, margins are tight in the chemical sector, often making sustainability less of a priority than businesses might like it to be. However, there are funding options out there for new projects. Veolia can help you navigate the different options and get the most out of what's available to your business.

What types of projects do you need to fund?

Energy and water are two key areas to focus on when thinking about making your business more sustainable. Improving water efficiency or introducing green energy will contribute to decarbonising your business, and can be more cost-effective in the long run. Yet we understand that the initial investment required is a big deterrent from pursuing these projects. Even though funding is available, knowing where to turn to find out how to access funding options can be a challenge in itself.

How can you find out which funding options are available to your business?

Veolia's long-standing position as experts in the chemical sector means we are well-placed to advise your business on the best way to finance projects. We can help you navigate funding such as that offered by BEIS (the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy), for example for decarbonisation or green energy projects. When it is time for equipment to be upgraded, you need to think about introducing green energy. As well as opening up funding opportunities, this will provide a more sustainable option to help your business meet its environmental targets.

We are also able to offer our own funding for projects which we see as valuable, sustainable investments. This can remove the immediate financial barrier preventing you from pursuing greener projects, and means that payback periods don't become the deciding factor when implementing new solutions or technologies. We also offer funding for projects which will improve the efficiency and reliability of your energy supply. As part of our guidance, we will ensure that you are only spending on the projects you need to, in order to balance operational needs, cost and sustainability.

Amidst the ever-changing energy landscape, let our energy consultants support with their long-term and innovative expertise to help you reach your objectives.


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