Generating savings with a data-driven approach

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Only with visibility of data can pharmaceutical companies make informed decisions. But clear data can sometimes be surprisingly difficult to access.

Understanding what's happening in your business

There is often a knowledge gap within businesses in the pharmaceutical sector about the processes taking place on-site, and where improvements can be made to improve efficiency and sustainability. For example, there is often a lack of knowledge of wastewater treatment processes and composition. Lack of visibility of data can be a real issue. Without an understanding of the processes taking place within your business, it's difficult to implement new solutions and technologies or to identify areas for improvement.

Visibility of data

The most important step towards a more data-driven approach is ensuring you have the necessary level of visibility of information. Having the right systems in place is crucial to this. For example, Veolia's Hubgrade service allows you to access real-time data across key areas like energy and water, to track consumption and identify where something may be going wrong. Having access to this data enables you to identify significant reductions in consumption, and therefore cost savings; to reduce emissions, helping to minimise your business's carbon footprint; and to track usage over a period of time, which can be a vital part of decision-making about new systems and processes. This approach is beneficial for offices and R&D facilities, as well as in production settings.

Minimising risk

Having access to that all-important data also enables us to put more effective contingency plans in place, in case something does go wrong. For example, we can create a 'twin' of a wastewater treatment system, to model imagined scenarios, and map out how we would respond in a way that causes the least disruption, and financial impact, to your business. Only with real data about processes are we able to plan for the future in such detail, and put measures in place to be preventative rather than reactive. In addition, having easy access to your data and information will support with the documentation that is necessary for compliance reasons within the sector.

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