Helping established pharmaceutical businesses to face today's challenges


The pharmaceutical sector is a well-established industry. Many sites were built with different priorities in mind, with infrastructure that was built to last.

Whilst this is great news in terms of the longevity of sites, it can also present challenges when trying to upgrade equipment and processes.

Site-specific challenges

With the UK's Net Zero deadline of 2050 looming, businesses are having to make changes. This includes upgrading to greener energy solutions and bringing more waste and wastewater treatment on-site. However, the age of many sites means that these projects can become huge undertakings, with older equipment being more difficult and costly to replace. Compliance is also a hugely significant factor to consider, with many different regulations determining how processes are carried out.

Upgrade not replace

Looking at your site's existing equipment and finding ways to tweak or upgrade it can be a more economical solution than replacing large parts of your infrastructure. This could include replacing boilers or other assets. We are also able to retrofit where possible, with future requirements in mind. This approach can yield the same results as a bigger overhaul, without the much more significant costs and disruption. The closure of old sites is broadly seen as uneconomical, so there is a focus on improving existing sites to enable them to meet today's demands.

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How can Veolia help?

We can audit your site to understand the requirements and limitations, to enable us to work with you to think of the best ways to implement new solutions that will help you achieve your goals, in terms of sustainability, cost savings, and efficiency, whilst remaining compliant. If your business has multiple sites, we can look at each one to identify the requirements of each location. We are then able to recommend upgrades or solutions that will reduce carbon emissions or treatment costs, whilst optimising your current infrastructure to get the most out of your equipment. For projects that do require greater levels of investment, we are able to help with financing options.

We can also offer 'plug and play' options, treatment solutions that take into account space limitations and concerns over existing infrastructure. On the flip side, we can help sites with very large footprints better utilise the space, by looking into whether more treatment processes or energy generation can take place on-site. All the solutions we work towards will utilise your site to its full potential, creating both financial and environmental benefits, and helping you to meet both sustainability and cost-saving goals.

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