Helping your site to stay compliant and safe

Compliance in all its forms, including health and safety and environmental, is critical for businesses in the chemical sector. Make sure you're working with a partner who is knowledgeable and experienced in these areas, who can make sure you're meeting legal requirements whilst boosting performance.

Understanding your priorities

We know that for businesses in the chemical sector, maintaining the required high level of health and safety standards is crucial for protecting your reputation and, most importantly, license to operate. Not only this, but the sector sees high levels of regulation across areas such as the environment. These include regulations relating to environmental permitting, hazardous waste, wastewater treatment and more. Businesses need to maintain compliance and strive for performance in order to avoid enforcement such as fines and prosecutions, to prevent reputational damage and to drive sectoral change.


Where does Veolia come in?

By allowing us to support you with your compliance responsibilities, and to offer guidance when it comes to health and safety, you are enabling us to take on some of the stress that comes with operating a major hazard business. We can work with you to address many of the technical and managerial challenges that this entails, such as making systems of work safer and keeping you updated on changing legislation, as well as retrofitting equipment where possible to prepare for future compliance requirements.

We can undertake active risk and holistic risk management, which supports you with addressing all risk areas and provides a complete offering. We are widely known and respected for our experience in relation to compliance and health and safety, as well as our expertise in the sector more broadly, so we are perfectly placed to support you and to refine your operations to ensure continued compliance.


The personal approach

We make sure our partnership works for you, by providing the right level of support and guidance. Through getting to know your site and the requirements it needs to meet, from safety standards to environmental compliance, we can make suggestions to minimise risk and ensure adherence to regulations.

We can even place someone on-site, to provide an immediate point of contact and knowledge to address your compliance and health and safety needs. Contract managers can also provide ongoing education and support to make sure that staff are following processes correctly.


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