How to audit your waste and energy operations effectively


Energy and waste are two areas in which efficiencies may be found. Waste management in particular is often overlooked as a necessary service rather than a resource which can be utilised to help your business realise savings.

In order to best optimise your waste and energy operations during this trying time, it is vital to engage with expertise. Veolia enjoys a market-leading level of experience supplying waste and energy management services to the pub and restaurant industry, constantly innovating to ensure the best possible support.


Key to this is Veolia’s data management capability, providing companies with data through which to analyse their energy and waste management practices. Through our Customer Hub, you have access to metrics including waste volumes, waste type, and power emitted or consumed. This data is also collected and processed through Veolia’s Hubgrade centres, which manage clients' data to optimise performance and reduce their environmental impact.

The immediate benefit of this level of information is that key stakeholders can visualise and benchmark operations’ overall performance. This data transparency allows pub and restaurant managers to make informed interventions to reduce energy bills and waste volumes and monitor and report on the impact of these interventions.

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Crucially, businesses can also leverage Veolia’s status as a lead service provider to the restaurant and pub sector to further optimise resource use. Veolia is uniquely placed to help you implement industry best practice, and show how your business is performing against competitors, so you can ascertain where room exists to optimise processes.



Using this information, Veolia can assist in your waste management objectives, providing a roadmap to improve overall operations. For example, Veolia experts can analyse your current waste use segregation across multiple pub and restaurant sites – your current external practices and processes, how they are communicated and your staff’s level of engagement with them – to see where improvements can be made.

Similarly, we can analyse energy usage to inform a data-driven approach to improving your pub or restaurant business' energy efficiency. We can ensure you have the necessary metering capabilities then audit your energy usage, allowing us to identify energy-saving measures to save money and to improve your environmental image.

By comparing where you are now with where you want to get to, and supplementing these goals with strategic data, effective solutions can be implemented for both energy and waste. The effectiveness of these solutions can then be monitored through the Customer Hub, with key metrics being measured to demonstrate overall impact.

Expertise and data-driven analysis are key factors in the effective reviewing and auditing of energy and waste operations. Implementing smart monitoring technology and seeking out experienced partners to help manage these processes will allow you to better measure and enact more efficient practices at your pub or restaurant business.


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