How can we use data to improve efficiency in your business?

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As a pub or restaurant business, you may have to manage several separate waste and recycling streams across multiple sites, or you may have multiple waste processes in operation at one location. 

Whatever the size and scope of your business, a large amount of information exists about your waste service, which can be capitalised on to drive efficiency.

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This information, which can be populated into management information systems, is key to optimising your operations. Such systems can be used to evaluate processes and make decisions to ensure that all aspects of your business, including waste and recycling management, run smoothly. Utilising Veolia's expertise, you can optimise resources and reduce costs across your pub or restaurant business by making more evidence-based decisions. However, while the phrase 'knowledge is power' may ring true, too much data can prove confusing. If improperly used, information can negatively impact waste management processes.


This is where Veolia can step in. Our expertise allows us to analyse your existing metrics – such as individual pub size, company turnover, business activity, and more – to gauge how busy each site is, before carrying out a deep dive into your waste and recycling processes.

Our benchmarking tool informs this approach, enabling us to compare your data with industry averages to make informed choices about improving efficiency. It will also enable you to stay in control of your waste management processes from start to finish, giving you complete transparency and peace of mind.

The data that we provide to you via the Customer Hub keeps you completely in the know about your pub or restaurant business' waste, enabling you to maximise recycling opportunities and meet your zero to landfill targets. Your existing data is a resource with huge potential, which Veolia can help you realise.

Partnering with Veolia allows your data to be utilised to streamline your business processes, leading to increased cost savings and an enhanced environmental image. As an industry leader, we have the knowledge base to guide your business to where it needs to be.

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