How we can support supermarkets' evolving requirements

As consumers' needs are evolving, so too are supermarkets, in two different, distinct ways.

The changing face of supermarkets

Many supermarkets are becoming 'one stop shop' style hubs of different brands and services, where customers can get everything they need in one place. On the flip side, more supermarkets are moving into petrol stations and embracing the 'on the go' model. Although very different strategies, both are based on convenience and speed for the customer, which is becoming increasingly important as online shopping becomes more and more dominant.

Benefits and challenges

For larger supermarkets who are utilising a 'one stop shop' approach, the introduction of other big name brands into the store - from specialist food retailers to services including locksmiths or photo printing - can be a big draw for customers. However, having several different brands under one roof raises difficulties in terms of aligning everyone to your waste management and sustainability strategies, as supermarkets only have limited influence over concession brands.

For supermarkets trying to establish themselves in the 'on the go' market by moving into petrol stations, they have the opportunity to create a completely different image of their brand, allowing them to cover the full spectrum of retail grocery shopping. But it also requires them to rethink the systems and processes they use in bigger stores, which are not as effective for the smaller store model.

By choosing Veolia to manage your commercial waste collection, you are not only choosing the best solution for your business but also the environment.

Solutions that work for all your stores

You need strategies for waste management and sustainability that take into account the different needs of different sites. For larger stores, you need to be able to offer concessions options like Veolia's pre-paid bag service, which will enable you to manage their waste streams more effectively. You also need to work with them to ensure that they contribute to your energy efficiency plans or other aspects of your sustainability strategy, which Veolia can support you with.

For convenience-style stores, we can help you develop waste management strategies that utilise the smaller quantities generated by these sites, and implement scaled down versions of the sustainability solutions in place in larger stores. As supermarkets continue to evolve and form more diverse partnerships, we can support your business to develop your sustainability plans to match.


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