Improving efficiency to identify cost savings

In an increasingly fast-moving society, the ability to be agile and responsive is key for any business. Supermarkets in particular need to be able to react quickly.

Crucial for this is ensuring your business is running at maximum operational efficiency, so that you are able to make quick decisions without causing big cost implications. So how can you become more efficient?

Look at the whole business

There are various areas within your business where improvements can be made to improve both operational and cost-efficiency. In terms of waste, you can start to utilise backhauling to get the most out of your delivery vehicles. Ensuring your waste is segregated properly to begin with will help ensure all your waste streams are treated individually to get the most value out of your waste.

Energy should be a key consideration when thinking about efficiency. You could utilise onsite power generation or battery storage, as a solution to reduce carbon emissions as well as to ensure the security of your own energy supply. There is also a range of in-store solutions that could improve energy efficiency, such as LED lighting or smart systems. Developing strategies to ensure things are only running when needed is a beneficial solution. There are even financial incentives for turning off your fridges for very short periods to reduce energy usage.


bin men loading up bins to the back of the lorry

What can Veolia offer beyond waste management?

As a starting point, we can ensure your waste processes are creating the most value for your business, by conducting an in-depth analysis of your waste streams so that they can be properly segregated and the most sustainable disposal routes can be developed for each material. We can also use collection data to drive efficiency so that our collection schedule matches your needs, based on seasonal footfall and other influential factors. But beyond that, we can work with you to implement efficient solutions across your whole business.

We can support you to make your energy supply more sustainable, or to implement energy efficiency solutions across the business, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint. We can also offer support with back of house processes, to help you be more efficient and able to react quickly to changes. With our support, optimising all of your systems and processes will enable you to be a more efficient, agile business.


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