It's time to think about water


Improving water efficiency and quality may not be something your business has considered recently, but with legal standards tightening and water scarcity increasingly becoming an issue, it's something you need to think about.

Negative environmental impact

Water is an essential resource for all businesses, particularly food and beverage manufacturers who use it in production as well as for everyday processes like cleaning. It is also relatively straightforward to manage - it is often the cheapest utility, and over 99% pure when purchased from the main network.

Yet water usage does not always align with businesses' ambitions to be increasingly sustainable, as it is often wasted during production processes. With water scarcity becoming a real issue for certain areas and certain industries, this is a problem that needs to be addressed. Processes used to treat water can also have a negative impact in terms of carbon emissions, the process of extracting the salt used in water softeners being an example.

How can we tackle water scarcity and improve efficiency

Veolia can analyse your business's current processes to identify where improvements can be made to improve water efficiency, thereby reducing the amount of water wasted. This can mean reducing the sometimes significant amount of water lost in the network, or even developing a bespoke solution which will allow you to use effluent water as a resource.

We can help you to adapt your water processes in line with the BREF targets set in 2019, which require businesses to improve water efficiency and reuse more water. Similarly, the Environment Agency has tightened standards relating to water quality, which we can help you to meet.


Supporting you whatever your needs

We know that different companies have very different water needs, so we can tailor our support to your business. If you are extracting your own water, we can provide treatment processes. For example if you are a brewery, we can help you reduce the amount of water used in beer production.

We can also ensure that any new solutions implemented are cost-effective, as there is little incentive to upgrade current processes if it doesn't benefit your bottom line. Making your site more water efficient and closing the loop where possible will help you financially and in terms of sustainability. We can also look at making your site more water efficient as part of a wider strategy for your business, integrated with other areas.


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