Managing waste efficiently at site level and beyond

Is your business's waste management strategy up to scratch? You need to ensure that the processes you have in place not only manage waste efficiently, but also minimise costs and fully utilise resources.

Managing multiple sites and streams

Waste management can be a headache when you have a large number of sites located up and down the country. Trying to create a strategy for all of these sites can be a logistical challenge, as different sites may produce different total volumes or quantities of certain waste streams. On top of this, your sites may be producing several different waste streams, which all need to be treated differently in order to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Improving efficiency at site level

General waste is the most expensive to dispose of, therefore waste needs to be segregated efficiently to minimise the amount of general waste your sites are producing. Segregating waste at site level - by having clearly marked waste containers for different items, and ensuring staff are educated about these - enables single waste streams to be treated more easily.

If this waste is then backhauled, this enables larger volumes of waste to be collected, saving you money and providing a more efficient solution. Backhauling gives you responsibility for your own waste, providing a greater understanding of what your waste is made up of to enable you to make better informed decisions on where to target waste minimisation. It can also play a big part in closing the loop in your business, as taking your waste away on delivery trucks reduces emissions and makes full use of your vehicles.

By choosing Veolia to manage your commercial waste collection, you are not only choosing the best solution for your business but also the environment.

Working with you to find the best solution

Veolia can work with your business to help you develop the most efficient waste management processes for you. We can support you to develop a strategy which utilises backhauling to the best effect; we can advise you on the two key elements of transport and treatment of material. We can support you in developing routes for your waste, from removal from your sites to treatment processes.

We can also support you to improve segregation of waste at your sites, from providing physical materials to make segregation easier, to launching staff education initiatives. 

WATCH: Jamie Welsh, Strategic Account Manager at Veolia UK, explains how your business can manage waste efficiently at site level and beyond.


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