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Net Zero is a hot topic in the pharmaceutical sector. However, it isn't the only trend or change which is impacting businesses in the industry.

What's changing for the pharmaceutical sector?

There are various trends impacting the sector currently, all of which have their own challenges in terms of cost or sustainability. With a drive to make the UK a leader in the pharmaceutical field, there are currently high levels of investment going into the industry, to expand and improve infrastructure. As these projects get underway, the challenge is to move forwards sustainably, to ensure they align with your environmental goals. 

Not only this, it can sometimes be difficult to incorporate sustainability when thinking about safety. For example, the shift towards single-use plastic liners in production, rather than steel containers, represents a new waste challenge, to ensure that liners are disposed of in the most sustainable, cost-efficient manner whilst eliminating any biological hazards. In addition to waste, there are challenges for wastewater treatment. As the industry increasingly moves towards biopharma, there is more complexity involved in treatment to make sure that the biological agents involved in the process are still able to function effectively. The increased production of high potency drugs, and those with the potential to accumulate or persist in the environment, can also affect wastewater treatment, as it creates a higher chance of micropollutants. Alongside these specific examples, needs are always evolving in the sector due to the requirements for new products in the marketplace.


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How can Veolia support you?

We can work collaboratively with you to ensure you are benefitting from our expertise, while we tailor solutions to your business's individual needs. When we get involved in expansion or improvement projects from the outset, we can offer advice on the technologies or the solutions that will help you reduce emissions whilst evolving. For waste and water, we are able to develop solutions to your business's individual challenges. This can be finding ways to dispose of complex waste sustainably, recovering materials for reuse where possible. Our solutions also include tailoring our wastewater treatment processes to make sure that active ingredients are neutralised where necessary; our solutions for this include advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) and Activated Carbon Treatments.

As new trends continue to develop, and practices continue to evolve in the sector, we can ensure you remain compliant and sustainable, allowing you to focus on R&D.


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