Close the loop and improve efficiency in your business

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Creating a circular economy within your business should be a priority, as it can cut costs and improve your sustainability credentials.

As part of your journey to get there, you need to minimise waste and improve overall site efficiency.

'Circular economy' is a phrase which we are all seeing used more and more. It makes sense for businesses to work towards this not just to be in line with consumer perception, but also to make your site more efficient, which is beneficial in terms of cost, output and environmental impact. But for businesses, knowing where to begin can be a challenge.

Analysis and improvement

Each of your processes needs to be analysed in order to identify where improvements can be made. This can begin with your waste streams - Veolia can audit your waste in line with the waste hierarchy, to identify how some waste products could be treated and reused within your site, particularly food waste. This can be used to generate energy using anaerobic digestion, which will reduce the amount of waste you need to dispose of and provide a renewable energy source.

Beyond this, we can analyse other processes and systems to see where more efficient alternatives can be implemented, for example, we can help you integrate renewable energy into your energy mix. We can develop solutions for you from our extensive portfolio which will take into account the needs and challenges unique to your business, whilst ensuring that processes are as cost-efficient as possible.


Ensure efficient processes are in place

To ensure your site is running at maximum efficiency, it's important to instil best practice in every area of your business. This can include making sure that all staff members know the correct ways to dispose of waste, to allow for different treatment or recycling routes to be fully utilised and to make the most of materials that can be repurposed within the business. This can also mean ensuring that systems and processes are set up to optimise any closed-loop solutions that we have put in place.

Closing the loop and making your business run more efficiently go hand in hand, as waste can be used as a resource and opportunities can be found to improve processes across your whole site.


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