Emergency Response: It pays to prepare

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All businesses like to think that their processes are fail-safe, with no potential for unexpected incidents. This is especially true for businesses in the chemical sector, who handle hazardous materials and have extremely high standards of health and safety.

However, this is unfortunately not always the case. As with all businesses, things will inevitably go wrong. It's crucial to have plans in place for when this happens, to minimise disruption to your business, financial repercussions and the impact on the environment.

Preparing for the worst case scenario

In this sector, chemical spills can cause huge problems for businesses. They can lead to lost revenue and disruption to operations, not to mention damage to the environment and your business's reputation. Other types of incidents can also occur which may happen outside of your site, such as road traffic collisions involving your tankers or vehicles, or contamination of local waterways. Making sure you have plans in place should something unexpected occur is crucial to getting your business back on track.

Rather than creating extra panic by trying to find someone to call if something does happen, give yourself peace of mind by signing up to Veolia's Emergency Response scheme. Whilst the service offers help on a call out basis, it is more cost-effective to pay a regular fee and remain signed up to the scheme. Not only does this offer cost benefits, it means you can rest assured that you have a contingency plan in place should the worst happen.

What does the Emergency Response scheme offer?

Emergency Response is a 24/7, 365 days a year service whereby we have dedicated Emergency Coordinators and Emergency Response Teams available on call. Unlike many of our competitors, we have nationwide coverage, meaning that if your business has multiple sites, we will be on hand to support them all. The service deals with chemical spills, fire and flood, contamination and any other incident which has the potential to have a catastrophic effect on your business. We will respond quickly to prevent damage to your operations, reputation and the environment, and will support your business to quickly get back on track.


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