Health and Safety in Waste Management

Health and Safety at Veolia
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How to Improve Health and Safety in Waste Management?

Over the years we've come a long way in our approach to health and safety, and in our journey to improve we've learned a thing or two. Explore our waste management health and safety tips and see if there's room for improvement within your business processes, environment, or equipment.


What can you do to help promote health and safety?

Small and frequent changes in the short-term have a lasting impact on you and your workers' safety, and adhering to basic health and safety guidelines save lives and avoids unnecessary accidents in the workplace.


Accidents can include:

  • contact with vehicles
  • manual handling injuries
  • compaction & machinery injuries
  • exposure to hazardous materials,
  • noise injuries as a result of poor or no PPE


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Tips to Keep you Safe at Work


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