How to decarbonise your business and prepare for Net Zero


The UK has a legal Net Zero deadline of 2050, with a target of a 68% reduction in emissions by 2030. As the chemical sector is typically a carbon intensive industry, decarbonisation needs to be a priority for your business.

Putting plans in place

We are all aware of Net Zero and the targets the UK government have set, but for many businesses, it is unclear how they are going to play their part to help us get there. There is a disconnect between the targets that have been set, and the day to day operations of businesses, particularly in sectors such as chemical. Implementing less carbon intensive solutions can be costly, and many businesses struggle to justify the perceived uncertainty of a Net Zero business model.

Yet it's important to start putting plans together now, so that you are prepared for the set deadlines and will avoid any penalties. It's also beneficial to establish your position as a greener business for the sake of your reputation and your environmental credentials, not to mention positioning yourself as a 'good neighbour' in your local surroundings. You need to find ways to decarbonise your business that are cost-effective, fit in with existing infrastructure and cause minimal operational disruption.

What solutions can Veolia offer?

We can support you to initially identify areas for carbon saving and to develop a carbon reduction strategy, and then to implement new solutions and technologies across your whole business. These can include integrating green energy into your energy mix, whilst ensuring security of supply. We can also look at waste when thinking about carbon, by treating more waste on-site and reducing the amount that has to be sent for incineration.

With the focus currently on building back better, now is the perfect time to think about reducing your business's carbon footprint. We can support you to look into options such as carbon capture and hydrogen, to help you innovate and prepare your business for a less carbon-intensive future.


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