How a partnership with Veolia could benefit your business

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We know that this is a particularly stressful time for supermarkets, with pressure to reduce carbon emissions, minimise plastic packaging and more. 

Veolia can support in a variety of areas, to help your business achieve its goals across the board.

Looking at the bigger picture

You may see waste management as one stand alone area of your business, for which Veolia can provide services, with established sustainability plans and solutions. However, you may then find that you are lacking similar plans and solutions for other areas of your business, such as packaging design, green project delivery and circular products. Why not work with Veolia in these areas too?

Solutions to fit your sustainability strategy

Changing your perceptions of Veolia as a partner, that can support you with all your sustainability needs rather than just provide waste management services, allows us to take a broader view of your business as a whole and help your operations and processes align with your sustainability strategy. We can work with you to develop solutions in areas such as energy, customer recycling initiatives and even electric vehicles, helping you to meet your green goals and be ahead of the curve in terms of sustainability. Using our expertise gained from extensive experience, we can understand the goals you are trying to achieve, help you drive the end message to consumers, and put in place the practical solutions to help you get there. This could be a large-scale project to overhaul back of house recycling processes, or something small such as providing clear signage to help staff dispose of waste in the correct containers.

Developing a partnership that works for your business

Just as it's key to develop strong partnerships with your suppliers, packaging companies and more, a collaborative partnership with Veolia could deliver real results for your business. We understand that every business is different, and will take the time to get to know what your needs are so that we can adapt our approach. We can even embed Veolia employees directly into your business - a fairly unusual approach, but one that ensures constant communication, allowing for a much more collaborative attitude to projects.


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