Maintaining high standards on the road to Net Zero


Like all industries, the pharmaceutical sector is currently striving to hit zero carbon emissions ahead of the UK's 2050 Net Zero deadline. But with stringent regulations to meet, safety and quality cannot be compromised in the name of sustainability.

Working to high standards

Perhaps more than in any other sector, pharmaceutical companies face extremely high standards, to ensure the safety of their products. Not only this, the environmental impact of processes such as wastewater treatment are intensely regulated to mitigate any unwelcome effects. The question now is how to balance meeting these all-important regulatory requirements, with decarbonising your business.

A holistic approach to Net Zero

It's imperative to take an all-encompassing approach to decarbonisation. With the right partnerships in place, you need to look at key areas such as energy and waste management at your manufacturing facilities, alongside areas such as making offices and R&D facilities more energy efficient. Choosing to work with an expert across a range of areas, such as Veolia, allows you to see the complete picture of where carbon savings can be made in your business, whilst ensuring that compliance and safety requirements will always be prioritised.

How can Veolia help you?

We can initially support you to create a roadmap for Net Zero that is tailored to your business's challenges and requirements. We can then work to implement new solutions and technologies across your whole business. These can include integrating green energy into your energy mix, whilst ensuring security of supply. We can also look at using your waste to generate energy, to close the loop and utilise waste materials as a resource. Thinking about water, we can explore options for water recovery and reuse, as well as on-site treatment options. Any potential solutions will be scrutinised to make sure they do not compromise on safety and quality. In addition to the carbon savings, many of these solutions also have financial benefits and can offer improvements to efficiency.

With the focus currently on building back better, now is the perfect time to think about reducing your business's carbon footprint, and choosing the right partners is a crucial part of that. Businesses are scrutinised for the carbon footprint of their supply chains as well as their own operations, so working with suppliers that put sustainability first has never been more important.

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