Making green energy work for your business

green energy

Has your business switched to green energy, perhaps as part of a blended energy solution? It can help you meet sustainability targets, reduce your carbon footprint and save you money in the long run.

Looking beyond the initial cost

The pharmaceutical sector has historically been a carbon-intensive industry. Even now businesses have Net Zero and other sustainability goals to think about, switching to green energy can be seen as an unattractive option due to the initial cost and potential disruption of upgrading your energy infrastructure. Safety and compliance are the predominant drivers in this sector, as is continuity of production - we know that energy solutions will only be considered if they guarantee security of supply and compliance.

The benefits of introducing green energy

Introducing green energy options doesn't have to involve a complete overhaul of your energy infrastructure. As part of your asset replacement programme, you could start to integrate green energy alongside more traditional energy sources, which will be more carbon-intensive but will have a quicker payback period. This can offer a balance of financial and environmental benefits.

Find out how a Zero Carbon Strategy could make a difference to your energy footprint and deliver cost savings.

There are cost benefits to introducing green energy, however, which should not be forgotten. Funding and grants are available to support green energy initiatives, such as the options offered by the BEIS (the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy). Green energy also creates value in the long term and is a worthy investment despite longer payback periods initially. When longer payback periods become a barrier to you pursuing green energy solutions, we can step in and offer funding options.


Positioning yourself as a greener business

Aside from the financial element, making sustainable changes in your business ensures that you are prepared for Net Zero and any future decarbonisation legislation. It can attract funding and create jobs, as well as generating a positive public perception of your business. Green energy offers the same benefits as other energy sources in terms of security of supply and efficiency, just without the same carbon footprint.


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