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Packaging waste is often demonised as one of society's sustainability weaknesses. Many manufacturers and retailers have already taken steps to cut down on packaging to try and reduce waste, and eco-design of packaging materials is increasingly becoming a priority.

The problem of packaging waste, and the need for more sustainable disposal, has been acknowledged since the 1990s, when the Government established the Packaging Waste Regulations. These regulations were designed to divert packaging from landfill, reduce packaging usage and increase the recycling rates of packaging materials. Over 20 years since the introduction of these regulations, businesses are still under pressure to adopt a more sustainable attitude towards their packaging usage.

How does a Packaging Compliance Scheme help?

Thanks to the Packaging Waste Regulations, businesses who meet certain criteria (those whose turnover exceeds £2 million and who handle 50 tonnes or more of packaging per calendar year) must comply with recycling and recovery obligations, and provide evidence that these obligations have been met. Rather than having to upload your packaging data returns to the regulator, and then purchase Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs) to offset your packaging usage, a compliance scheme looks after all of this for you. Joining a compliance scheme helps you to meet both your legal and environmental obligations.


Rely on the sustainability experts

At Veolia, we operate one of the longest-running Packaging Compliance Schemes in the UK. More importantly, the environment is at the heart of all that we do, so signing up to our scheme means that you can benefit from our sustainability knowledge and experience. We operate our own network of Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs), where a wide range of packaging materials are recovered and sent for reprocessing. We use this recovered material to generate PRNs to cover our members’ obligations, meaning you will have no problems with availability. This process also prevents 600,000 tonnes of packaging waste going to landfill each year, helping you to play your part in the circular economy whilst ensuring you remain compliant.


Find out how our Packaging Compliance Scheme can help you.

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