Striking a balance with a hybrid energy solution


With the government's commitment to achieve Net Zero by 2050, universities are under pressure to act on and commit to their own sustainability roadmaps.

However, for the education sector, budget constraints are often a barrier to achieving those roadmap objectives. A hybrid energy solution could be the most suitable approach.

The current position of the education sector

The demand for continuity across large campuses and multiple sites means your institution will require a reliable and sustainable solution to providing energy across the board. This causes concern when trying to strike a balance between cost efficiency and carbon saving when applying only one energy supply solution.

Striking a Balance

Adopting a hybrid energy solution allows you to utilise the benefits of different sources, and introduce them alongside your existing equipment. A mix of solutions offers a cost effective and carbon saving alternative, allowing you to align them to meet the needs of your school, college or university without having to overhaul your entire energy infrastructure. Heat pumps are an attractive option and a great example to use in an energy mix.

Heat pumps are cost-effective and emit low levels of carbon to heat and cool large sites and buildings. They work by extracting energy from the ground, water or air, which is then vapourised and compressed to generate heat. This process, however, does use a large amount of electricity, so they are more sustainable when they are paired with a renewable energy source, such as biogas, to help them become carbon neutral.


Partnering with Veolia

Hybrid solutions is something we do across a range of businesses and organisations, with varying budgets and goals, meaning we’re experts in tailoring environmental solutions to you.

We audit your sites and identify opportunities to improve efficiency across your operations. Whether that be a mix of solutions, the aim is to optimise your energy processes so that they are efficient, cost effective, compliant and will allow you to reach your sustainability goals.



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