Using your data to create the solutions you need

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A data-driven approach, alongside embracing new technology and automation, is key to making your site more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Understanding what's happening in your business

There is often a knowledge gap within businesses in the chemical sector about the processes taking place on-site and how commercial and sustainability, including zero carbon, targets can be realised. In terms of waste, this can mean being unaware of what makes up your waste streams, or the carbon footprint of treating this waste. The same applies to wastewater, as there is often a lack of understanding of the details of treatment processes. Lack of visibility of data may be an issue. Without an understanding of the processes taking place within your business, it's difficult to implement new solutions and technologies. This includes automation, which is a priority for the sector due to the safety and efficiency benefits it offers.

Basing our decisions on data

The first step in Veolia's processes across all areas is to conduct an audit and analyse the data. This means that we drill into the details of processes across waste, energy and water, so that we are able to identify areas for improvement. We are then able to interpret this data and present it back to you in a clear, transparent manner, helping you to understand exactly what is taking place within your business. We also offer carbon reporting, to demonstrate the environmental impact of your processes. Any solutions we recommend are then based on all of this information and adapted to your business's needs.

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Helping you to utilise technological solutions

Some of the solutions we can support you to implement use your data to enable us to be proactive, for example by forewarning us when tank levels reach a certain point, before you have even realised. Gaining a greater understanding of processes enables us to introduce more technological solutions, for example an increased use of automation within water treatment. Utilising automation increases efficiency and accuracy, and creates a safer working environment by limiting the areas where staff members need to go.

A data-driven approach also enables your business to be more sustainable. With a clearer view of where your business is negatively affecting the environment, it becomes apparent where new processes need to be implemented, for example greater waste segregation. Carbon reporting allows us to identify carbon-intensive areas in your business, so that we are able to support you to reduce emissions as much as possible. We take a holistic view to understand your requirements across the whole business, and develop solutions that will optimise sites and fulfil your requirements.


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