A Veolia solution for universities

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When it comes to sustainability, many universities are facing the same obstacles to achieving their goals.

These challenges are often resolvable through a variety of solutions. Read on to find out how Veolia can align our solutions and services to common obstacles to achieve sustainability goals.

Large campuses

With the majority of the UK’s university campuses stretching across large sites and multiple locations, the requirement for resilient and sustainable buildings is vital in facilitating continuity of teaching and learning.

A simple management solution can ensure resilience and no detriment to your carbon or cost savings, and actually work to enhance it. Developing a Carbon Footprint and Energy Strategy with Veolia allows carbon use and emissions to be monitored and reported and gives you access to our energy experts who can advise and work with you to introduce further low carbon solutions, such as heat pumps.

Large amounts of waste

With a large student population, comes a significant amount of waste. Food waste, general waste and paper and card are common streams amongst universities, and with pressures to ensure these streams are dealt with in an environmentally-friendly way it can often become overwhelming.

Total waste management takes this stress away. It focuses on waste segregation which in turn optimises your recycling, reduces your use of carbon and can often be repurposed into renewable energy.


Promoting biodiversity across campus

Biodiversity is essential to our survival and wellbeing. University campuses can be ideal locations for creating habitats and raising awareness for biodiversity and wildlife. In doing so, there is plenty of opportunity for students to get involved in the implementation and management, and promote their purpose in solving local issues and helping to eliminate air, water and land pollution through their commitment.

Veolia has supported a variety of biodiversity projects, one being a project to promote beehive population with Buckingham Council (you can read about here). Not only this, but Veolia are manufacturers of Pro-Grow, a range of recycled and eco-friendly compost products that can be an essential feature across biodiversity schemes.

Nationwide waste and recycling collection and treatment service for all your businesses waste management needs.

Whether your goal is to better power your entire campus or even make sure confidential documentation is securely destroyed, Veolia can be with you every step of the way on your journey to sustainability.


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