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At Veolia we are always striving to deliver innovative ways to turn waste into a resource for our customers throughout the UK. Click below for some examples of our great work in action.

Croydon University Hospital

The Croydon University Hospital is a 500-bed district general hospital in Croydon and is part of the Croydon Health Services NHS Trust. It treats over half a million patients each year and offers general and specialist hospital services and surgical specialties.

The Challenge

In hospitals the focus is on the quality of services provided to patients. To support patient care, Croydon University Hospital uses energy hungry facilities as they wanted to make sure that it significantly reduced the cost of generating electricity and heat and met its carbon emissions reduction target.

The Solution

Working in partnership with Veolia, a complete refurbishment of the energy plant was designed and commissioned and an upgrade of the old energy centre was provided through a 15-year Contract Energy Management (CEM) contract. Veolia was awarded the contract for its variant bid, which was proposed after studying the hospital’s detailed energy profiles.

The £1.5 million upgrade of the energy centre included two 772kWe CHP units and two new boilers, delivering low carbon heating, hot water, electricity and a low energy lighting system to the hospital.

The contract also provides 24/7 operation, maintenance and risk transfer. Comprehensive 24/7 monitoring and support is provided by Veolia’s Customer help-desk which remotely monitors and controls the plant, responds to alarms and directs mobile technical support personnel to manage customer sites.

The Results

Energy bills cut by £475,000 per year

Payback on capital in under 4 years

Generates 13.5GWh of low carbon electricity per year

  • Saves load on the national grid
  • Cuts CO2 emissions by 3,680 tonnes per year
  • 60% energy saving from new LED light fittings
  • Improved the patient experience
  • Less exposure to electricity price fluctuations

Veolia’s energy management contract provides the optimum and cost effective solution possible for all situations. The project planning and initiatives means that the Hospital realised significant cost savings and environmental benefits far earlier than anticipated.


“Having worked at large trusts on a number of similar schemes and contracts, I have found Veolia to be an excellent partner. It has a willingness to work with us over many issues that have arisen and has come up with practical solutions - delivering the scheme with the least amount of inconvenience and in the shortest time available.”
Allan Morley, Director of Estates & Facilities, Croydon University Hospital