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At Veolia we are always striving to deliver innovative ways to turn waste into a resource for our customers throughout the UK. Click below for some examples of our great work in action.

Kanes Foods

A privately owned British company, Kanes Foods, has been at the forefront of the prepared produce industry for many years. It is British Retail Consortium AA* accredited and has invested in advanced technologies to achieve growth through innovation and category expansion. Based on a 28 acre site near Evesham, Worcestershire, its £30 million eco salad factory features a wildflower meadow roof merging into the Cotswold hills, solar panels and geothermal pumps.

The Challenge

Kanes is an environmentally conscious company that cares about the impact of waste on the environment. In line with its sustainability targets, Kanes wanted to divert 100% of its waste from landfill, reduce CO2 emissions and maintain cost effectiveness.

The Solution

To meet the aims to deliver higher recycling rates and achieve a zero waste to landfill target, Veolia introduced a number of initiatives by offering a one-stop-solution that helped Kanes Foods achieve a more streamlined and cost effective waste management strategy. The service now includes a range of services covering general waste, confidential shredding, secure destruction, card recycling and Packaging Recovery Notes (PRN).

By using the management data created from the daily collection service for cardboard, Veolia has been able to offer further options to Kanes which will increase recycling, reduce costs and lower CO2 emissions from collection.

Following analysis of various ‘waste materials’ produced by Kanes, Veolia has been able to identify, segregate and subsequently recycle further plastic packaging waste produced on-site which reduces the volume of waste sent to energy recovery.

Kanes food waste is sent to a local anaerobic digestion plant. This process breaks down micro-organisms in the biodegradable waste and produces biogas which is used to generate renewable electricity for the National Grid.

Veolia’s online Hub allows for very easy access to reports, data and invoices, so Kanes can keep track of waste movements and quickly identify any areas in need of review.

Kanes often challenges Veolia with one off special collections for a variety of waste streams that need to be both compliant and offer best value. When Kanes unexpectedly experienced huge volumes of cardboard, Veolia helped to clear the backlog and is now working to install a compactor on-site to reduce carbon footprint and to increase revenue.

The Results

16% per annum recycling increase

100% landfill diversion

4 years ahead of target for zero waste to landfill

  • 5,000 tonnes of waste used for green energy
  • 500 tonnes of cardboard recycled
  • CO2 reductions
  • Cost savings

Veolia provides Kanes with a one-stop-shop solution to help deliver a consistent service across its waste needs. This manages all of the services, produces a single consolidated report to allow Kanes to understand how the services works and has helped achieve the zero waste target.


“Veolia has made other huge impacts on our business by encouraging us to think about waste as a resource and manage it in a sustainable way; saving us money at the same time. With every challenge that we face, Veolia has gone above and beyond to provide a rapid and affordable solution. I am confident that our relationship with Veolia will continue to grow and we will work together to develop a closed-circle approach to waste management at Kanes Foods. We all share the same goal.”

Jennie Waldron, Environmental Management Controller, Kanes Foods