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At Veolia we are always striving to deliver innovative ways to turn waste into a resource for our customers throughout the UK. Click below for some examples of our great work in action.

Lincolnshire Partnership Trust

Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust (LPFT) provides care and treatment for mental health and substance misuse as well as support for people with learning disabilities. Its services cover a population of about 719,000 people across Lincolnshire, as well as specialist services in the East Midlands.

The Challenge

Although 22 of its 26 units already recycled cardboard and paper, LPFT was keen for 100% of the units to recycle.
The key goals were to:

  • Recycle more materials
  • Reduce costs and avoid Landfill Tax increases
  • Increase awareness of reuse and recycling issues

The Solution

Veolia reduces costs by finding value in, transforming or eliminating waste to help businesses become more sustainable.

Following a detailed waste audit, Veolia introduced mixed recycling and general waste collections across all 26 units. Plastic and metal were added to the materials that could be recycled.

To ensure the new services were a success, LPFT’s management team were invited to visit a Veolia Materials Recovery Facility to see for themselves what happens to their waste.

Posters and clearly-labelled recycling containers helped to raise awareness, along with a series of waste training programmes.

Two patient units were also set a ‘Re-use Challenge’ to make something attractive or useful from recycled materials. One innovative idea was a greenhouse made from 1,035 of the units’ plastic milk bottles. The opaque bottles also act as double glazing during the winter months. There are now plans to roll the Re-use Challenge out to all 26 units.

The Results

All 26 units are now recycling

Avoiding more than 60% of typical market price increases

Saving the equivalent of 19.5% on waste disposal costs

  • A league table has been set upto highlight the performance of individual units and where recycling rates can be further improved

Veolia helped LPFT to recycle more, saving the equivalent of 19.5% on their waste disposal costs and freeing up funds for patient care.


“To know that the improvements being made will benefit the Trust and release much-needed funds for what is ultimately our main focus - the care of our patients - is very important to us. Veolia’s support with this is essential and most appreciated.”

Steve Beard, Senior Estates Manager (Operations), Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust