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At Veolia we are always striving to deliver innovative ways to turn waste into a resource for our customers throughout the UK. Click below for some examples of our great work in action.

Premier Inns and Restaurants

Premier Inns and Restaurants employs 48,000 people and is the UK’s largest hotel and restaurant group. Premier Inns and Restaurants has over over 1,100 hotels and restaurants in the UK. Waste management is an important issue for the FTSE 100 company, whose 22 million customers favour sustainably responsible brands that minimise waste and recycle wherever possible.

The Challenge

Premier Inns and Restaurants wanted to reduce carbon emissions and reduce operating costs by avoiding annual
rises in Landfill Tax. The key goals were to reduce costs through rate reduction, innovation and optimisation:
  • Improve direct operations recycling rate to 80% by 2020
  • Become a zero waste to landfill organisation by 2017

The Solution

Veolia reduces costs by finding value in, transforming or eliminating waste to help businesses become more sustainable.

Existing bins replaced with colour-coded containers for simple, consistent waste disposal and reduced contamination.

Communication campaign to promote recycling and reinforce the correct process.

Bespoke reports identified areas of contamination where staff training was required.

A 4-stream waste collection service was introduced (mixed recycling, food waste, glass, general waste), supported by a national roll-out of colour coded containers and staff training initiatives.

The Results

Jointly won the ‘Best Initiative by a Large Business’ – Climate Week Award in the first year of the contract

Following the second phase of recycling: 50% of general waste bins replaced with mixed recycling bins

71% recycling rate

Veolia helped Premier Inns and Restaurants hit their environmental targets two years ahead of schedule.

“As the UK’s largest hospitality brand, we have a responsibility to drive change within the industry. Whitbread is committed
to minimising its environmental impact and operating in a way that respects people and the planet.”

James Pitcher, Director of Sustainability, Premier Inns and Restaurants