Landfill sites


The UK creates 330 million tonnes of waste each year. Whilst the regulatory and social climate is successfully increasing landfill diversion, for the foreseeable future landfill will remain a necessary waste management option.

We operate a network of landfill sites which are run to the highest levels of operational and environmental efficiency and are monitored for up to thirty years after their working life.

Landfill management is about far more than just the disposal of waste.  At Veolia we use the best available technologies to manage the waste and control associated operations such as energy recovery and leachate treatment.

During the working life of the landfill, the methane produced by the decomposing waste is drawn off and used as a fuel to generate additional electricity for the National Grid.  In this way a potent greenhouse gas can be recovered and used to replace fossil fuels.

In partnership with other stakeholders and under the regulation of the Environment Agency, we aim to manage the natural habitat sympathetically and minimise our effect on the local and wider environment. Once the site has reached the extent of its planning permit, we are responsible for capping it and restoring it – usually for natural conservation or public use.