Dalkia extends contract with Southampton Hospital

Modern energy tech to help Southampton General Hospital meet carbon reduction strategies

Southampton General Hospital is the Trust's largest location. The 1000-bed hospital provides a number of specialist services including neurosciences, oncology, pathology and cardiology.

Providing the best possible healthcare service while maintaining complex infrastructures is a challenge for any hospital.Furthermore, new environmental targets and energy legislation mean that resources and often investment are vital to enable these facilities to benefit from modern energy efficient technologies.

Dalkia, with its 80 years experience in providing energy management to the healthcare sector now helps more than 100 UK hospital sites meet the carbon reduction strategies, reduce costs while demonstrating sustainability.

The original operating agreement was first enhanced in 2000 when Dalkia constructed a 2MWe CHP based energy centre with 4MWe standby generation for the supply of steam, hot water and electricity.

Southampton Hospital's new 15 year contract will provide a further £2.5million upgrade and will include 2MWe CHP from specialist CHP division, Cogenco, and a combination waste heat/fired boiler to deliver heating, hot water and electricity to the healthcare establishment. The new agreement also includes the installation of a complex low temperature hot water, LTHW, heat recovery system that will effectively utilise the heat produced as a by-product of the generation process. Dalkia will provide design and installation of the new plant and subsequent operation and maintenance and will continue to operate the existing energy plant on site.