New CHP system for Butlins

Increased energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions for Butlins Skegness

Cogenco's CHP system, packaged for smaller commercial sites, is tailored to provide cost effective and efficient heating and electricity supply. It has been utilised by the famous redcoats to increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions at the Skegness site.

The nature of CHP means that, when sized according to the energy and heating demand on the site, it can deliver significant savings against supply from the grid and separate heating systems. This is because, unlike traditional power generation, the heat produced, is not wasted, instead being fed through an exchanger to provide heating for showers, pools, and rooms.

Viability is key and a large, consistent heating demand makes CHP an ideal route for hotels, leisure facilities and holiday resorts such as this.

The new system will allow the Butlins resort to provide electricity and heating to the indoor health spa and Splash Waterworld pool complex whilst considerably reducing its costs. Dalkia, which supplied the offsite pre-assembled and fully tested unit to the resort, ready for installation and operation, will be responsible for monitoring the system through its remote management facility.

The onsite nature of a CHP plant means that energy is not wasted through grid-transmission either. Instead it is generated and fed directly to where it is needed, resulting in some 80% increased efficiency when compared to the losses in transmission over large distances.

Mike Crowther, Operations Director at Butlins, commented, "Dalkia's CHP technology has enabled us to lower our energy bills and maintenance costs, whilst continuing to reduce carbon emissions significantly. With long-term commitments to energy efficiency and carbon reduction, we required an efficient on-site CHP system which could provide a heating solution to our swimming facilities which are in constant use throughout the day."