New Organic Fertiliser Replacement Helps Reduce Farmer Bills

New cake for a wide range of agricultural applications

The new cake is a balanced fertiliser that helps enrich the soil with key levels of nitrogen, phosphate and sulphur, it’s a rich source of organic matter and a useful soil conditioner. Due to these benefits, the cake is suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications and meets the highest safety and quality standards.

The announcement comes ahead of the Haddington Agricultural Show, outside Edinburgh (28th June 2014), where the team will launch this product to the agricultural market.

Bruce Moffat, Veolia’s Organics General Manager said “We’re delighted to launch this new product to the farming community. It will help save farmers’ fertiliser costs with the added benefit that it’s much less odorous than other bio-solids. Due to the way the cake is treated it can be used on a greater variety of crops including grassland.”

Alongside the product, Veolia will also provide customers with:

- Spreading to achieve consistency across the land

- All necessary soil sampling in accordance with sludge use in agricultural regulations

- Exemption registration with SEPA and other liaisons required

- Record keeping and field notifications to help manage information and cross compliance

If you’d like to learn more about this new product from Veolia visit or call 020 7812 5000 to speak to a member of the team.