Spring Budget statement 2018

Reaction to the 2018 Spring Budget statement

Richard Kirkman
Richard Kirkman, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

Richard Kirkman, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Veolia UK & Ireland said:

"Plastic is an important material in its own right that has revolutionised society. Whilst looking into new types of packaging for tomorrow we must at the same time remember that a vast proportion of plastic we already use today is recyclable yet we are not capturing it through the recycling process. Over 5 billion plastic bottles that can easily be recycled are not even re-entering the supply chain.

“Veolia is committed to investing in infrastructure in the UK to improve plastic recycling rates but we all have our part to play. More plastic needs to be collected, and manufacturers need to use recycled content in their products.

“The good news is we seem to be at a tipping point. With the right policy conditions; manufacturers, consumers and the recycling industry can collectively start a new recycling revolution."

The Chancellor has presented his first Spring Statement to Parliament – here's a summary of what he said: