Switch On! Engineering Giants, Decommissioning the Indefatigable Gasfield

BBC documentary to be aired showing Veolia decommissioning platforms from the North Sea

At the end of last year the BBC joined us to follow progress as we began the decommissioning of eight disused gas platforms from the North Sea. It was a mammoth task that proved we can recycle objects of any size! 

The gas platforms formed part of the Indefatigable Gasfield that was located in the North Sea. Each one was individually removed from the seabed by our partner company Peterson SBS and transported to our decommissioning site at the historic Swan Hunter Shipyard, Wallsend. 

Each of the giant structures stood at 17 stories in height and a team of 35 pulled them a part piece by piece to achieve a 98% recycling target. 

The hour long show will be aired on BBC 2 at 8pm this Sunday, 22 July. 

If you can’t wait until then, view our own behind the scenes footage of the Kilo Jacket being demolished. Also, check out the latest guest blog on our website from the shows presenter, Rob Bell,