Veolia Concludes Wildlife Photographer Sponsorship

Four years of sponsorship to help protect and preserve the natural world and natural resources

After four successful years, Veolia Environnement has announced it will not be renewing its sponsorship of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition and Exhibition, owned jointly by BBC Worldwide and The Natural History Museum, in 2013.

The Veolia Environnement group which is the global leader in environmental services has sponsored the world’s most prestigious wildlife photography since 2009.  

During this time the competition has grown year-on-year now receiving 48,000 entries from some 98 countries.  Visitors to the exhibition in London have also increased with around 150,000 visitors flooding through the doors to wonder at the stunning images on display each year.

Estelle Brachlianoff from Veolia Environnement said: “It has been rewarding to see the competition grow over the course of our sponsorship and to support the exhibition and tour which have enabled so many people to see the wonderful photography that highlights the fragile nature of the world around us.  

“However, after four successful years we feel that we have taken this partnership as far as we can and that it is time to review our sponsorship commitments as our brand continues to grow and evolve.  We are confident that the competition and exhibition will continue to capture the minds of nature lovers across the world.”

The title sponsorship highlighted Veolia Environnement’s commitment to protecting and preserving the natural world and conserving natural resources through the services it provides, as well as educating and inspiring people.

In 2011, Veolia Environmental Services’ Pitsea and Croft Farm landfill sites were awarded the Wildlife Trusts’ Biodiversity benchmark. The Biodiversity Benchmark is awarded to companies that manage land to the highest standard to ensure that it attracts a diverse range of wildlife.