Veolia hops to it at Crisp Malting plant

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) delivered to Crisp Malting Group facility

Producing malt since 1870, the Crisp Malting Group is the leading privately owned malting company in the UK, supplying a full range of high-quality wholegrain and crushed cereals around the world to leading brewers, distillers and food producers. Great Ryburgh is the largest of the five production sites of the Crisp Malting Group. Through a program of expansion and modernisation, it has become one of the largest and most efficient malting plants in the UK, producing 115,000 tonnes of finished malt per annum.

The new unit supplied by Veolia's* specialist packaged CHP division, Cogenco, will supply electricity and heat to the malting facility. To use the heat from the CHP plant, a hot water-to-air heat exchanger will provide hot air that is used in the malt kilns as part of the production process. "The unit will supply heat to two kilns - we alternate the kilns so one is running every other day," explains Steve Surridge, Crisp Malting Group's chief engineer.

The facility is an ideal application for CHP. As well as the massive heat load, Great Ryburgh has a large electrical load due to the fans and conveyor systems used in malt production. Work is due to start on site in August and will be completed before the end of the year. "The main challenge for us is to reconfigure the plant for one single CHP unit instead of the two units that supply the M&E systems currently" explains Cogenco's project manager Tom Gibson. Cogenco will modify the site's electrical transformers and heat exchanger connections.

Cogenco will provide long-term operation and maintenance of the units, with full monitoring from its Horsham base. The CHP unit will help to reduce energy costs and save 2,386 tonnes of CO2 each year in line with Crisp's environmental policy.

*On 25th July 2104 Dalkia adopted the Veolia group name.