Veolia hosts Springwatch

Many of our sites are home to a wide range of plants and wildlife, and our landfill site in Pitsea is no exception!

Over the past few days Veolia has hosted the BBC Springwatch team at an unusual nature reserve. Moving away from the usual wildlife parks Veolia invited the crew to explore the huge array of wildlife across the 680 hectare site. 

The team have been amazed by what they have already found in the first two days of filming. The site hosts more foxes per square mile then anywhere else in the UK, and these creatures aren’t shy with presenter Liz Bonnin getting extremely close to some fox cubs. 

The team have also followed the capturing of seagulls on top of the landfill with scientists for population monitoring, using camera traps to capture fast moving water voles and hopefully Pitsea will break the curse of Springwatch to get the first ever glimpse of badgers during the day! 

Keep watching on BBC2 to find out more - for more info from the BBC Nature team visit their website at

If you've missed the show, you can also watch it on iPlayer - see Shaun Taylor talking to Liz at