Veolia UK | Mobile chemist service launch

Veolia launches new mobile chemist service to identify wastes and help compliance

Identification, listing, packaging, collection and disposal of hazardous and laboratory wastes

The UK’s leading resource management company, Veolia, has launched a new chemical management service designed to provide a mobile solution for identifying, listing, packing, collection and disposal of hazardous and laboratory chemical wastes. Known as Chempac, the service provides an easy way of managing and disposing of these materials to ensure compliance and safety for customers.

Eliminating the hassle, risk and uncertainty of difficult to dispose of waste

Specifically designed to address the need for a flexible on site solution, Chempac uses Veolia’s team of qualified chemists to sample and catalogue waste to ensure compliance with waste identification legislation, and specifies the right recovery, recycling or treatment route. Delivered on a nationwide basis the service is supported by six specialist centres located across the UK.

Applications for this service are wide ranging and include laboratory wastes from research and development facilities, production wastes from all types of manufacturing operations, and materials from household waste recycling centres. As part of the Chempac service, all materials are segregated  and packed prior to removal following guidelines issued by the regulatory authorities which govern the management, disposal and movement of hazardous wastes.

Kevin Hurst
This new service now helps to guarantee compliance for our customers, and increases the efficiency of their operations whilst reducing costs and saving them time. By introducing best practice, innovation and process efficiencies each customer benefits from our experience and knowledge to ensure they receive the best solution for disposal of these materials
Kevin Hurst
Chief Operating Officer - Industrial Customers

The process segregates each item based on potential hazards, physical and chemical properties to ensure correct classification and movement in accordance with UK legislation. Included in the service is the generation of the required regulatory paperwork that producers are required to hold to demonstrate that the necessary pre-acceptance and disposal considerations have been completed. Once collected, the materials are delivered to one of Veolia’s licensed Hazardous Waste Facilities, such as Ellesmere Port, where the items undergo further checks prior to disposal.

Veolia’s new service adds to the company’s existing capabilities that can manage hazardous wastes ranging from aerosols and batteries to regular drum consignments and management of low level radioactive materials. These specialist services deliver compliant hazardous waste collection and handling, advanced treatment recycling and recovery technologies along with site registration.