Veolia Switches to Electric CAT D7E Green Dozer

Electric powered tracked dozer for
Rainham Integrated Waste Management Facility

Veolia Environmental Services has taken delivery of the first electric powered tracked dozer in the UK.  Based at its Rainham Integrated Waste Management Facility, Essex, the innovative new Cat® D7E hybrid dozer provides outstanding fuel efficiency, lower emissions and improved operational efficiency, representing another major advance in sustainable waste management.

Designed to deliver lower operational costs, one of the key advantages is its highly energy efficient engine creating the potential saving of 10-30% less fuel per hour subject to application, than other equivalent dozers, saving thousands of pounds each year. Reductions in carbon emissions are further enhanced by the Cat D7E’s ability to be powered by bio-diesel. From an operational perspective the machine can also move up to 10% more material per hour than its predecessor, dramatically increasing productivity on site. 

Built to be rebuilt, the hybrid dozer can have a second and even third life with Finning engineers capable of replacing parts to accommodate emerging technologies. Built with fewer parts to replace and longer service intervals the D7E also consumes fewer resources over its working life reducing operational costs still further.

Vinod Mehroke, Veolia Environmental Services’ General Manager London Landfill said: “In all areas of business we strive to be leading in green technology and so the new Cat® D7E dozer is a great addition at the Rainham Integrated Waste Management Facility. With an already strong track record in green vehicle investment we are very proud to be the pioneers in fleet efficiency by bringing this new dozer into service in the European market.”

Instead of powering a mechanical transmission, the electric drive system drives a generator which turns the mechanical engine power into AC electricity. The electric current then flows through heavy-duty power cables and connectors into a power inverter. There, some of the current is converted to DC current for the various machine systems. 

Commenting on the sale, Finning Strategic Account Manager, Jonathan Davis said, “The new Cat D7E is a truly game changing machine. Having proved itself across the world, this is the first but certainly not the last time we will see this machine in operation in the UK. Veolia Environmental Services are at the forefront of advances in technology in recycling and waste management and for their business to put its trust in Finning and Caterpillar equipment, shows how serious a player the Cat D7E can be in this market. 

“Early reports show that there is already a significant drop in their fuel usage. Operators are also extremely happy with the machine, praising the greater control and manoeuvrability, which leads to less operator fatigue.”

The Rainham integrated waste facility is made up of a landfill site, materials recovery facility, soil washing and green waste composting. All sections of the site are managed to the highest environmental standards including the landfill which has strict environmental controls monitoring the gases and managing the electricity produced turning the waste into a resource. 

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