Producer Responsibility


Choosing Veolia services will help to ensure business continuity via a secure and quality supply of utilities.


We do this by working over the process life cycle to continuously improve solutions for ecological transformation, and in particular, identify and recover additional resources. On average our services deliver carbon savings of 20% and cost savings of up to 20%.

Let us know how we can help provide solutions for ecological transformation, or use the drop-down menu below to discover how our solutions can serve the market in which your business operates, the business activity in which you are looking to procure a solution or the value that you are looking for us to deliver.


Solution listing

A cost-effective and innovative solution to handle hard to recycle materials, such as sweet and lolly wrappers, healthcare bottles, paper and plastic drinks straws, plastic toys and clothing.
UK Packaging Regulations require accurate evidence of the amount of packaging your business handles, we can help manage your businesses obligations with our Packaging Compliance Scheme.
Be part of the change toward sustainable packaging materials, reducing the environmental impact of your packaging waste.